domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

Way before the Red!

Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) not always wore red!
Popular belief says that Coca Cola Co "dressed" him in white and red to link him to their product in the 30´s.
Now, something that few people know is that Coca-Cola was not the first soft drink bottling company to use Santa for their gain in their commercials, it was White Rock Beverages in 1915 for their mineral water and in 1923 for their ginger ale!

My "Tío-Abuelo" in english Great Uncle or Granduncle (I looked the word in "Word Reference") great page by the way, sent this postcard to my aunts, who were just todlers, in 1929, quite a few years before Coca-Cola had their great idea!

I never met my Great Uncle because he passed away before I was born but I have always been told that "Tio Ponchito" was the nicest and best uncle that anyone could have, in this postcard he was sending with Santa, love and kisses along with his blessing to his two nieces!

I am sure that Saint Nic happily obligued because he knows who is naughty or nice!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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