miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

Almost Heaven!

Today I got not one but two map cards of beautiful and unforgettable West Virginia, I went there to learn english when I was a fresh out of High School, rebelious, and missbehaving youngster.
I went to Elkins, located in Randolph County, with a population of 11.000 breaking the 10k barrier thanx to the 1.500 students enrolled  at Davis & Elkins College or D&E for short!

I truly believe that West Virginia is one of the most beautiful places I know, Elkins is snowed on, knee deep, from late october til early april or from november til march on light years!

I saw deers trapped on Main, tasted veal for the first time in my life, opened my eyes to a whole bunch of different world cultures, and saw 1000 different colors shades between Green and black on the trees during fall!

I frequently visited the coolest place on earth to drink beer while listening rock, D&E´s Ice House is that place, located inside the camus and actually the former IceHouse of General Elkins´ land in the late 1800´s. Once, there was a band from New York that went to perform there, the lead guitar said, "If this place were in NYC it would be the place to go in the Big Aple"!!!

I fell so deeply in love with West Virginia that one day, a few months later, after I moved down south to Georgia, I was watching one episode of The Love Boat, yes, I am that old, and when Donny Osmond, yes, I repeat, I am old, sang Country Roads I surprised myself singing it out loud with some tears coming out of my eyes!!!

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 Country Roads - John Denver

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