miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

Almost Heaven!

Today I got not one but two map cards of beautiful and unforgettable West Virginia, I went there to learn english when I was a fresh out of High School, rebelious, and missbehaving youngster.
I went to Elkins, located in Randolph County, with a population of 11.000 breaking the 10k barrier thanx to the 1.500 students enrolled  at Davis & Elkins College or D&E for short!

I truly believe that West Virginia is one of the most beautiful places I know, Elkins is snowed on, knee deep, from late october til early april or from november til march on light years!

I saw deers trapped on Main, tasted veal for the first time in my life, opened my eyes to a whole bunch of different world cultures, and saw 1000 different colors shades between Green and black on the trees during fall!

I frequently visited the coolest place on earth to drink beer while listening rock, D&E´s Ice House is that place, located inside the camus and actually the former IceHouse of General Elkins´ land in the late 1800´s. Once, there was a band from New York that went to perform there, the lead guitar said, "If this place were in NYC it would be the place to go in the Big Aple"!!!

I fell so deeply in love with West Virginia that one day, a few months later, after I moved down south to Georgia, I was watching one episode of The Love Boat, yes, I am that old, and when Donny Osmond, yes, I repeat, I am old, sang Country Roads I surprised myself singing it out loud with some tears coming out of my eyes!!!

Click here to listen 
 Country Roads - John Denver

domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

Way before the Red!

Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) not always wore red!
Popular belief says that Coca Cola Co "dressed" him in white and red to link him to their product in the 30´s.
Now, something that few people know is that Coca-Cola was not the first soft drink bottling company to use Santa for their gain in their commercials, it was White Rock Beverages in 1915 for their mineral water and in 1923 for their ginger ale!

My "Tío-Abuelo" in english Great Uncle or Granduncle (I looked the word in "Word Reference") great page by the way, sent this postcard to my aunts, who were just todlers, in 1929, quite a few years before Coca-Cola had their great idea!

I never met my Great Uncle because he passed away before I was born but I have always been told that "Tio Ponchito" was the nicest and best uncle that anyone could have, in this postcard he was sending with Santa, love and kisses along with his blessing to his two nieces!

I am sure that Saint Nic happily obligued because he knows who is naughty or nice!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Buzzard from Belarus

Three bird related posts in a row!

Well, I like birds, there´s a fascination about them!

The flying of course!

Birds of prey like this hawk are magnificent!

sábado, 13 de julio de 2013

Golden Eagle from Belarus

This magnificent Golden Eagle came all the way from Belarus, along with two banknotes and some stamps for my collection, thanx Natalia!
I also learned how my name is written in her language, today´s saint is St Henry so.......!

I enjoy watching animals, a whole of a lot more if they are free at their habitats!
agle came all the way from Belarus, along with two banknotes and some stamps for my collection, thanx Natalia!

Golden Eagles in America stay up north in Mexico, US, and Canada
Their powerful talons are, maybe, their most impressive feature, right after their deadly beauty!!!

miércoles, 10 de julio de 2013

Taiwan National Bird and company

This is the Taiwan Blue Magpie (Urocissa caerulea), Taiwan´s National Bird.

From Wikipedia:
"In the 2007 National Bird Voting Campaign held by the Taiwan International Birding Association, there were over 1 million votes cast from 53 countries. The Taiwan Blue Magpie defeated the Mikado Pheasant and was chosen as Taiwan's national bird, though it has yet to be formally accepted."

The Magpie postcard came (flying) :) with a Steere's Liocichla.The Steere's Liocichla (Liocichla steerii) is a species of bird in the Leiothrichidae family. It is endemic to Taiwan.

Now, my personal bad joke:

This proves that birds of different flock do fly together!
At least in letters!!!

De Nota, desde Barcelona, España!

Hoy abrí mi casillero y habían dos sobres que venían desde España, a uno lo esperaba, al otro no!
El inesperado venía como La Macarena, cargado de alegría y cosas buenas!

Resulta y acontece que hace unos días (al parecer) estaba yo navegando en Postcrossing y le di click a "Me Gusta" a una postal de España. Esta persona acostumbra chequear el perfil de aquellos que apreciamos sus postales, de mi perfil saltó al blog y este le gustó, tenemos gustos y preferencias similares y quiso hacerme llegar dos postales y varios sellos acompañados de una agradable carta que me explica el por que de su deferencia!

Muy Agradecido Josep y familia!