miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

The Hill of Crosses - Lithuania

Yahoo ran a post today about The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, it says:
"The phenomenon of the Hill of Crosses in northern Lithuania began when people started leaving crosses there hundreds of years ago—and continues to this day. These photos of a hill covered in crosses show the amazing sight it has become".

Wikipedia says it has more than 100.000 crosses and who knows how many small ones and rosaries!!!

I recieve a Hill of Crosses postcard from Lithuania a while back, the kind person that sent it to me wrote: This Hill is a symbol of faith, love, and sacrifice. Each visitor tries to leave a cross. If he hasn´t brought any, he makes one right of the Hill from branches, grass, pebbles etc."

It has become a place of pilgrimage. They think it started about 1831!

"Over the centuries, not only crosses, but giant crucifixes, carvings of Lithuanian patriots, statues of the Virgin Mary and thousands of tiny effigies and rosaries have been brought here by Catholic pilgrims" My Postcard and some of Yahoo´s piece! .

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