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Super Heroes

DC Comics Super Heroes

Pane of 20
$0.39 (additional $0.02 needed for First Class rate)
Price: $7.80

With these 20 colorful stamps, the U.S. Postal Service honors stars from the world of DC Comics. Ten stamps on this pane show portraits of super heroes; the others show covers of individual comic books devoted to their exploits. Art director Carl T. Herrman worked with the creative staff at DC Comics on the design of this issuance. Beginning with the classic covers, information about the artwork shown on each stamp follows.

DC Covers

Plastic Man #4
Summer 1946
Art by Jack Cole

Batman #1
Spring 1940
Art by Bob Kane

The Brave And The Bold #36
June/July 1961
Art by Joe Kubert

Green Lantern #4
Jan./Feb. 1961
Art by Gil Kane & Joe Giella

The Flash #111
Feb./Mar. 1960
Art by Carmine Infantino & Joe Giella

Wonder Woman #22 (2nd series)
Nov. 1988
Art by George Pérez

Aquaman #5 (of 5)
Oct. 1989
Art by Curt Swan & Al Vey

The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1
Nov. 1982
Art by Rich Buckler & Dick Giordano

Superman #11
July/Aug. 1941
Art by Fred Ray

Green Arrow #15
Sept. 2002
Art by Matt Wagner

Marvel Super Heroes

Pane of 20 (20 Designs)
Price: $8.20

With these 20 colorful stamps, the U.S. Postal Service salutes stars from the world of Marvel Comics. For decades, Super Heroes have been synonymous with the comic book medium. Their adventures have provided an escape from every day life and demonstrate that individuals can make a difference. Comic books aren't simply "kid stuff"—adults have always been among their readers, and the form has attracted its share of serious artists and writers. And Super Heroes have responded to social and political issues from their beginnings.

Ten stamps on the pane of 20 are portraits of individual Marvel characters: Captain America, Elektra, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Sub-Mariner, The Incredible Hulk, The Thing and Wolverine.

The other 10 stamps depict individual Marvel Comic book covers. Information about the artwork shown on each stamp appears on the back on the stamp pane

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